Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stealth is Checkin' Out

I'm really, really tired of people stalking me. Everyone from my own family members to total strangers are following me online. I would just like to ask everyone what the hell is so interesting about my life that you all have to spend so much time and energy following me and my cyber friends around the internet?

As I check my site meter from day to day and see who is visiting my site, I can tell where visitors live, where they came from to get to my site, what they look at, how long they stayed and what they clicked on.

I recognize a lot of you as people that I know and I can see that you are going to friend's sites to see what I am saying elsewhere. You are also checking out my visitors and doing a lot of other creepy things. Well, stalkers, from now on your life is going to get a lot more boring because I will not be posting here again.

For my friends who want to know where the new blog is, you can send an e-mail request to and I will give you a link when I put a new one up - AFTER my divorce is final.

Sadly, I will not be able to leave comments on your sites for a while so I'm sorry for that. Apparently, cyber-stalking me is the most interesting thing that many people can find to do - how sad for them. Their lives must totally suck.

For my friends who will be negatively affected, I appologize. I know lots of you enjoyed the blog. But the next blog will be MUCH better because I will finally be free to live my own life and the negative people in it will have been kicked to the curb.

Peace, Love & Bon Jovi,